Bill Rampey

Bill Rampey
Bill Rampey

  • Ruby, C#, C/C++, JavaSQL, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP
  • Rails, MVC .NET, J2EE, ASP.NET, .NET Framework,  J2EE, EJB3, Lucene, Hibernate, Spring, JSP, AJAX
  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX
  • MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle
  • JBoss, Websphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Apache, Microsoft IIS, Enterprise SAN, VMware, Active Directory
  • Agile Methodology, Object Oriented Analysis, Waterfall   

A hands-on executive with over 39 years experience in commercial software development. Excellent leadership and technical skills enable me to bring focus and clarity to creating software products while leading others to do the same. I provide a balanced approach to applying business needs and technology capabilities to software product development using best practice techniques and leading edge technologies.

I am a team player and understand that the difference between good software and great software is often measured by how well the whole team understands each other and the overall objective. I have a lifetime of experience, not only at developing software, but at developing teams that can get quality software delivered in a timely fashion.

I've worked in startups and large companies. I'm an expert in software project recovery efforts with a successful track record as evidence. I'm experienced in multiple platforms Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and prefer working in Ruby (including RoR) and C# although I have a broad background that includes most modern software development frameworks and languages since 1985.