Software Maniacs is a company dedicated to creating quality software solutions. It is our intent to satisfy our customers by finding the right solution to a problem and not just any solution. We strive to keep our approach simple and take small steps towards the goal.  We know that sometimes the difference between success and failure can be measured by minutes so we're always working at top speed to create your software solution.  Our iterative software development process allow us to be agile and respond to changes quickly.  The depth of experience our team has allows us to create solutions where other software vendors fail.

Bill Rampey
Bill Rampey

Founded in 2001 by Bill Rampey, Software Maniacs is now celebrating 22 years in business. Bill has been developing software for more than 37 years and is passionate about creating quality software. He is a team player and understands that the difference between good software and great software is often measured by how well the whole team understands each other and the overall objective. Bill has a lifetime of experience, not only at developing software, but at developing teams that can get quality software delivered in a timely fashion. If you're looking to improve your software developed practices and processes or you need a professional experienced software development team to get your software project on track, look no further, Software Maniacs can help!

We hired Software Maniacs to take over development on shortly after launching the service in 2010. Bill and his team came up to speed quickly, understanding our business model and helping to shape the software to meet our business objectives, which ultimately led to the sale of the company. Bill became our defacto CTO. He played a role in supporting technical diligence on three rounds of fundraising and our eventual acquisition. He also joined company executives on key sales calls when technical expertise was required. Hiring Software Maniacs allowed us to meet an aggressive release scheduled required of successful startups while also enabling the company to aggressively manage its resources in a way that would not have been possible had we had a dedicated development team. Vizibility’s acquirer continues to use Software Maniacs for development and may expand its role to other parts of the company.

James Alexander Founder & CEO, Vizibility Inc.

... breaking through some very tough technical challenges. Bill is a strong leader, trusted by his team, and is able to deliver large and small projects on time. He brings his technical background and leadership skills to help his teams succeed. He is a “people” person who can empathize with his teams which increases his ability bring people together for delivering to business goals...

Ajay Gupte, President of CLCD, LLC

A client of mine, in the materials handling space, needed some help to deliver a kiosk solution to their market. Another software vendor failed to deliver any useable software for the kiosk in a project effort spanning more than nine months. Software Maniacs stepped in to replace the original vendor and help with the project recovery. After a short analysis effort to understand the original project failures they built and executed a plan to address those failures and deliver a minimal viable product in three months. 

Michael Johnson, Founder & CEO of Full Potential Associates